Duas novas séries. Será coincidência ou Wonder Years voltou à moda misturado com De volta para o futuro?

That Was Then (ABC, Friday, 9 pm/ET): On the verge of 30 and still living with his parents and depressed by the outcome of his life, Travis (James Buillard) makes a wish to go back in time for a chance to rewrite history. But when he wakes up 16 again, he realizes that doing it all over again may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Premieres Sept. 27.

Do Over (WB, Thursday, 8:30 pm/ET): Joel Larsen, an unhappy 34-year-old salesman, is dissatisfied with his life until an accident sends him 20 years back in time. With an adult mind and the body of a 14-year-old (Penn Badgley), he is given a chance to fix his mistakes and change his destiny. Premieres Sept. 19.