Bossa nova confessions

– I always liked people who knew about music.
– Oh, yes?
– Yes. Maybe because all the guys in my high school would talk about bands, and players, and all the stories and details, and I used to think “Wow. That’s cool. I can’t do that, but that’s cool”.
– So you like people who know classic rock?
– Yep.
– What’s that?
– That what?
– The radio. Who’s the band?
– Led Zeppelin.
– See? I know nothing!
– That’s Led Zeppeling! They were an important band! Robert Plant, Jimmy Page…
– That’s the thing, I know names, I know they were important, I just haven’t been exposed, I don’t know how they sound.
– What? You didn’t have Led Zeppelin in Brazil?
– Yes, bobo, we had Led Zeppelin in Brazil, but I was too busy listening to Tom Jobim. Besides, we didn’t listen to music in my house, and I didn’t hang out with friends to listen to music.
– Oooh… too nerdy?
– Yes… And besides, my girl friends didn’t listen to classic rock.
– Oh, no? What did they do?
– We gossiped and shared secrets about boys who listened to classic rock.
– Was that a secret?
– Well, it was a secret that we liked them…

Turns out I still like boys who like classic rock, the same ones and new ones, and turns out some of them like Jobim too. They play the drums, they compose music, they like Hermeto, they collect records, they play Miles at the best times. Now ain’t I lucky?

– Do you urubu?