Ô joga fora no lixo!

Via 43 folders:

You have way too much crap.
I’m just guessing. Guessing that right now, in your life, in your closets and in your garage and in your car trunk and in your brain and even in your desk drawer you have way, way too much stuff, far more than any one person or single family needs and, oh my God, have you even seen your closet lately?

If there’s one upside to these [decluttering] shows (superficially, at least), it’s how it might, just might, slowly dawn on a few viewers that more does not equal better, that excess crap actually equals undue stress and nausea and burden, and that, in truth, the more junk you have, the tackier it looks. Hey, anything’s possible.

It is one of the healthiest things you can do. Honest psychologists and good spiritual healers often advise patients with overactive minds and squirrel-like attention spans and problems focusing and problems sleeping, they will tell them not to pop some Ritalin or merely take an herbal tincture and eat more leafy greens, but to go home right now and, yes, clean out your closets. Clear out your clutter. Strip it all to the beautiful essentials and then keep it that way.

Os grifos são meus e ninguém tasca.